August 19, 2019

Romantic Allure of North Africa

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Africa is a vast continent. Once upon a time it was known as the Dark Continent. It was widely unknown territory to the Western world. Still today, there are many areas of this ancient continent that are worthwhile exploring. Unfortunately, some areas of the land lie in ruins, not so much owing to the sands of time but mainly through the malevolent acts of pockets of men with grand illusions on how the world must revolve.

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The ruins of Timbuctoo may be a prime example. But in other stretches of African land, North Africa might be a good example, so much that constitutes ancient history continues to be well preserved. And indirectly perhaps, the production of north african photographic prints is playing its part in preserving social history and culture. On the one side of this North African stretch, keepers of these prints will be able to preserve the spice markets.

And on the other side of the northernmost tip of the continent, the roving eye is looking out for the ancient pyramids and sphinxes of Egypt. Sandwiched in-between are no-go areas, tourist meccas and recent monuments of colonial uprisings. And it is the adventurous and brave photographer who will be traveling through a country like Libya to try and capture what is really going on over there. The commercial photographer spends his time on the beaches of Tunisia. And the politically-inspired photographer might need more time over in Algeria.

Photographers who value modern day multiculturalism will always value time well spent in classical time zones like Rabat and Casablanca well-preserved by the local Moroccans. And so many famous men have either been born in North Africa or spent a part of their lives here. Aquinas, Fanon, de Gaulle, to name but a couple.  

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