August 19, 2019

The Grand Piano And The Straight Upright

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The grand piano is one of the largest and most enduring of all the musical instruments being played by the maestros and many others. Of course, it appears to pale into insignificance to those austere-looking organs that only so many music halls around the world have been equipped for. Because it is in these halls that focused audiences get to gasp at all the magnified glory that the majestic organ’s pipes carry high up into the heavens. Some of the world’s great cathedrals have them. The downtown pianos birmingham shop, on the other hand, might not.

But they do have, in abundance, as it turns out if you pardon the phrase, fine upright pianos along with all the accessories and songbooks you might need to further your musical habit. There should, however, be space enough for one or two grand pianos. Passing by of a fine morning, how could you not notice it. If you had not seen it just then, you might have heard it. And you would have known. It sounds a lot different that all the others. Anyhow, no-one misses a grand when they see one.

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It is heavy and it is huge. It is also quite polished in black. The black veneer always seems to match the fine ebony and ivory keys. The maestros prefer to play and practice on the grand piano because it produces those distinctive notes for them. But by the time they reach Carnegie Hall, it always seems to sound so different. Perhaps this has something to do with the acoustics of the place. Perhaps they have already prepared themselves well for this. There may be no space for a grand piano in your living room right now but there should be space enough for a fine upright.  

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