August 19, 2019

Tips and Tricks for Preparing for a Guided Tour

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When going on vacation many of us are looking for a way to get away and see different places, meet interesting people and to have a unique experience they can’t have anywhere else.  When deciding on a destination one thing that you may want to do is go on a tour of marin headlands san francisco.  Tours are a great way to learn about the area, discover what is going on in the area for the time you are there and much more. 

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing

I don’t know how many tours that I have gone on where I wasn’t wearing the right shoes.  Even when planning my trip carefully I discover that my shoes were the wrong ones.  This on top of the clothing you wear can mean the difference between having a good tour or an exhausting one.

Take a camera

When on these tours you will be stopping at places of interest.  Also, along the way you will be getting nuggets of info as you pass by a building.  In these cases you will want to make sure you have your camera at the ready, you might find something of interest.

Take notes

Taking notes sounds boring and may take away from the overall experience of the tour.  However, if you just jot down some interesting fact or maybe the name of a location you can go back to that location on your own time and do more investigating or perhaps take part of another tour such as a wine tasting or class.  Reading between the lines on some of these places you learn about can lead to a unique vacation experience.

Get hop on – hop off tickets

tour of marin headlands san francisco

Many tours will offer hop on and hop off passes.  These will allow you to hop off the tour at particular points.  Then when you are done shopping, having lunch or just exploring you can hop back on the tour and continue from where you left off.

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